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Batman Arkham Knight PC Benchmark

Batman Arkham Knight PC Users Rejoice

PC gamers worldwide are no strangers to the controversy surrounding this titles launch on June 23rd 2015. The most expensive rigs couldn’t run Batman Arkham Knight at 30 frames per second at 1080p resolution. Mid range and low end systems suffered the same fate, whether you were using an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. As of 2016 Batman Arkham Knight PC sales will see an increase as our benchmark shows the game is more or less fixed.

It was revealed that Rocksteady Studios did not handle the development of the PC version and was outsourced to a studio, which assigned less than 15 people to the project. The situation got so bad that Warner Bros pulled the game from online stores and ceased distribution until October 28th 2015.

We decided to test the game in December 2015 and see whether the game was playable as we near 2016. Our results showed that Batman Arkham Knight averaged at 40 frames per second on max settings, 45 fps on medium and 50 fps on low settings while gliding around the city.

On AMD graphics cards in particular the frame rate fluctuates constantly, which makes it difficult to narrow down the average fps. Please watch our benchmark for more information and let us know if your results are similar. In comparison to launch, Batman Arkham Knight is absolutely playable on our PC (full system details can be found in the videos description).

As a result of this situation the game has become cheaper on certain digital stores and is well worth a try, if you have a similar PC to ours. We also used some performance fixes recommended by users on Steam.

Batman Arkham Knight PC enthusiasts will be pleased to know it is now £13.99/$20.35 on CD Keys

Happy gaming everyone and have a wonderful New Year!

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