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Beware Planet Earth! Screenshots and Artwork


When Fabrice Chaland, Gwenaël Masse, Christophe Rautou and Frederic Oughdentz decided to create their first game, the initial decision was to go with a game based on the cheesy horror/Sci-Fi movies from the 60’s and the famous “Mars Attacks!” movie. On top of that, they consider Plants vs. Zombies, Insaniquarium and Garden Defense as references that everyone should take as role-model. Computing all their ideas and preferences, the small studio decided to go with the Tower Defense genre: “it’s one of the funniest types of game ever created!” as Fabrice Chaland (Co-Founder & CEO of Lightmare Studio) describes it.

Building a level is always a step by step process, always done with a lot of testing and iterated improvements. Very early in the development, we decided the game space would take the form of a 10×9 grid. After some testing, we felt it was the best balance between legibility and level design freedom, with regards to the specific type of Tower Defense game we were planning to create. It is very likely that for another Tower Defense game, the game grid would have been quite different.” recalls Fabrice.

BEWARE PLANET EARTH! is scheduled for STEAM and iOS on April, 2014. For the latest news and updates on, join us on and

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