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Buy Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Cheaper

Lara rises on PC in January

Rise of the Tomb Raider PC out in January

The Rise of the Tomb Raider PC release date is 29th January 2016, hot off the heels of the Xbox One and 360 releases in November 2015. Lara Croft embarks on a new adventure in search of the secrets to immortality, buried by a shady organization known as Trinity.

Sales have been steady but not great because of the exclusivity to Microsoft, however by the end of 2015 Rise of the Tomb Raider sold over 1 million copies. Despite this developers Crystal Dynamics, are quite proud of this achievement, regretting nothing and enjoying the positive response from critics.

IGN praised the sequel with a score of 9.3 out of 10 and thought “Rise of the Tomb Raider takes its predecessor’s winning formula & improves on it in every way.”

Trusted Reviews awarded the game 9 out of 10 and said “Rise of the Tomb Raider takes everything that was successful in the 2013 reboot, including its stunning graphics and reimagined Lara, and takes it one step further.”

Game Informer presented Lara with a 9.5 out of 10 saying, “Rise of the Tomb Raider captures the thrill of being an adventurer and leaves you thinking about Lara’s next move. You have daredevil sequences, heroic moments, fun exploration, and exciting fights that even Indiana Jones would envy. If Crystal Dynamics keeps raising the bar from here, I can’t wait to see what’s next for Lara.”

PS4 owners will have to wait until holiday 2016 until they can join Lara’s adventure. Meanwhile PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End, is slated for end of April 2016 and misses the initial launch date in March.

Until then you can always pre-order Rise of the Tomb Raider PC for only $34.89/£23.99 on CD Keys.

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