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Play FIFA 17 Demo right now

fifa 17 anthony martial

EA Sports releases their latest masterpiece on Origin, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in the form of a demo before the scheduled release date. Fans have a selection of teams available in the demo from Manchester United, Bayern Munich to Real Madrid C.F for example. A new mode called The Journey debuts in FIFA 17, putting …

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Forza Horizon 3 has Gone Gold

The Warthog in Forza Horizon 3

Fans of the genre can rejoice; Forza Horizon 3 discs are being pressed right now as we speak and preparations are intact for digital release too. To celebrate Playground Games are welcoming the fan favourite vehicle from the Halo franchise; the Warthog. The 2554 AMG Transport Dynamics M12S Warthog CST is a civilian transport alternative to its militaristic cousin, the …

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Post Release content of Mafia 3 unveiled

Mafia 3 Suit DLC

Mafia 3 is almost upon us and developers Hangar 13 are busing tying up loose ends, before we rip off the cellophane of our beloved copies of the game. Thereafter they will be concentrating on patches and downloadable content. This includes weapons, cars and narrative driven expansions. Free Content To start with Hangar 13 will be giving Lincoln Clay new …

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Battlefield 1 played on Ultrawide

Battlefield 1 ultrawide

Battlefield 1 invites are no longer needed, as the World War 1 shooter is in open beta on PS4, Xbox One and PC right now. You’ll need to download the Origin client if your playing on PC and 6 gigabytes free on your hard drive. Console players can download the beta from retrospective stores. If you’ve just ascended to a …

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Quantum Break arriving on Steam

Quantum Break Header

Remedy Entertainment does a complete 180 on Quantum Break and is bringing their latest time bending adventure, to Windows 7/8/Vista and Steam. They’ve also partnered with Nordic Games and Microsoft, to bring a special edition of Quantum Break to retail. This is the first Direct X 12 Windows Store exclusive to makes its way to Steam, with support for Direct …

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Gears of War 4 PC Specs Revealed

gears of war 4 del, kait and jd

Microsoft has revealed the official PC specs for Gears of War 4 at Gamescom 2016. On release you’ll be able to play in glorious 4K if you own a AMD Radeon Fury X, NVIDIA Geforce 980 Ti or GTX 1080 paired with an i7 4790 or AMD FX 9590. For 1080p gaming a minimum of a R7 260X or GTX …

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NVIDIA scores the Ultrawide Market with Pascal

Nvidia GTX 1080

NVIDIA has released their powerhouse of a Pascal lineup, starting with high-end graphics cards GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. Followed by the much anticipated competitor to the RX 480; GTX 1060. The GTX 1080 is meant to be $599 and the GTX 1070 is supposed to be $379 but due to supply and demand issues, retailers are spiking up the …

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Master Guerrilla Warfare in Homefront The Revolution

molotov Homefront The Revolution

Guerrilla Warfare 101 looks at the arsenal available to the player in Homefront The Revolution. The enemies weapons might be a far fetch but the Freedom Fighters have their own tools. Modular firearms are the answer, meaning you can turn a pistol into a submachine gun or a shotgun into a flamethrower. Weapon attachments are also possible and all weapons …

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Homefront The Revolution gets a Story Trailer

Homefront The Revolution Protest

The invasion of North Korea sends sparks flying across America, giving birth to the Resistance in Homefront The Revolution. Philadelphia is the place of battle in this gripping story and at the heart, is a man known as the ‘Voice of Freedom; Benjamin Walker. As raw recruit Ethan Brady, you are plunged into a desperate struggle for freedom as the …

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Homefront The Revolution coming to Mac and Linux

Korean Peoples Army Homefront The Revolution

Cheer up Apple and Linux users; soon you will have a new game to add to your collection, native versions have been confirmed to be in development. That’s not all, the opening cinematic to Homefront The Revolution has also been released and can be watched above. Homefront: The Revolution is an open-world first person shooter where you must lead the …

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