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CM Punk is in UFC 2

Phil Brooks makes his UFC debut

The former WWE superstar CM Punk, may have delayed his UFC debut due to surgery but you can still play as him in UFC 2. Opening the possibilities to face CM Punk against the UFC roster and spark discussions of who would win.

Knockouts are now more authentic thanks to a revolutionary new physics system, delivering more rewarding reactions to an explosive attack. Flying armbars are now possible and the user interface displays various transitions you can make using the analogue sticks, eliminating guesswork.

Greater control of your fighter’s head movement is in the player’s hand, increasing fluidity in a fight to fend off your opponent’s strikes. Pre-order UFC 2 to play as Mike Tyson from the start of the game, which is available in America on 15th March and UK 17th March for Xbox One and PS4.

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