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Earning Money in Mafia 3

Revenge is sweet 

When the Italian Mafia killed Lincoln’s friends, they took his family; the black mob. After serving in the Vietnam War and being an orphan his whole life, he’s always sought a place he could belong. In the aftermath of the attack Lincoln builds a new family and blazes a fire across New Bordeaux, by hitting the Italian Mafia where it hurts; their pockets.

There are various criminal rackets around the city waiting to be taken over. You can interrogate your enemies to give up the location of other rackets and even recruit racket bosses to handle your operations. Alternatively you could kill them but keeping them alive generates you more income over time.

Payday for Lincoln means he can splash out on a new car and even upgrade it with a new paint job or wheels. Increasing your arsenal of weapons requires a lot of money, especially if your aim is to kill the Italian Mafia. The advantages of having lieutenants like Vito is they can give you better guns, call off the cops or even provide you with backup but it wont be free.

Build your criminal empire your way on 7th October 2016 when Mafia 3 is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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