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EGX Rezzed 2014: Dead Pixels 2 Hands-on

The premise of Dead Pixels 2 is a zombie outbreak in 1991 in a procedurally generated city with waves of zombies. The protagonist is customizable and in the build I played it was a female, who seemed to have a likeness to Sarah Connor of The Terminator. Much like the first game in the series players can enter shops on the street to scavenge or buy and sell items. RPG elements also return such as upgradable skills and abilities.

In the city of New Hexington there are many zombies with a thirst for your blood, brains and flesh. Some are slow; others are faster, tougher and project toxins from what’s left of their bodies. Dead Pixels 2 will have 1-4 player online and offline co-op, story and quick game modes and full controller support. Mac, Windows and Linux users will be excited to know the game supports their platforms when Dead Pixels 2 is released late 2014.

Game Developer and Designer of the game John Common; told Tap My Buttons that Sony had reached out to him about the release of Dead Pixels 2 on PS4. Negotiations are currently in progress and plans for a port to Microsoft’s consoles are dependent on whether they reach out to him.

Pre-order the game from the official website below and get access to the latest builds as the game is being developed.

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