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Post Release content of Mafia 3 unveiled

There’s lots of free content!

Mafia 3 is almost upon us and developers Hangar 13 are busing tying up loose ends, before we rip off the cellophane of our beloved copies of the game. Thereafter they will be concentrating on patches and downloadable content. This includes weapons, cars and narrative driven expansions.

Free Content

To start with Hangar 13 will be giving Lincoln Clay new outfits, so fans can alter our anti heroes wardrobe. 30 days after the game launches you can expect three new golden weapons; Judge, Jury and Executioner. Petrol heads can also take their pimped out rides to a whole new series of races, to earn money and unlock new customization items for your car. This is just the tip of the iceberg; expect more freebies to be announced soon.

Paid Content

Vehicle upgrades will also be expanded upon such as paint jobs, wheels and personalized number plates. Story expansions will explore other threats to Lincoln in New Bordeaux.

In “Faster Baby!” Lincoln rekindles an old flame with Roxy Laveau and takes down a corrupt Sheriff. “Sign of the Times” is about a series of ritualistic killings around the city, which Lincoln agrees to investigate at the request of Father James. “Stones Unturned” brings Lincoln closer to the CIA to settle a feud from Vietnam, which resurfaces in New Bordeaux.

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