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Watch the New Mafia 3 Gameplay Demo

Tony Derazio’s days are numbered

This latest footage is a combination of gameplay from the Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show demo. On the road to revenge Lincoln Clay will be whacking Sal Marcano’s underbosses. Today’s demo shows you one way you can take out underboss Tony Derazio.

Being an open world game there are many ways to accomplish said missions, with all the control in the player’s hand. Haden Blackman, Creative Director and Studio Head at Hangar 13 narrates this latest trailer, detailing the characteristics of Mafia 3.

New Bordeaux is made up of ten districts controlled by the Italian mob, all of which are ripe for the taking. Stealth, firefights or melee attacks are all at your disposal. Not to forget the huge arsenal of weapons, a finger click away from Lincoln.

How will you choose to play Mafia 3?

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