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Mafia 3 Inside Look Series

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Mafia III Inside Look – Vito Scaletta

After the events of Mafia 2, his mentor Leo decided against whacking him and instead sends him to New Bordeaux. Sal Marcano agrees to take Vito in out of respect for Leo and gives him a run down district to operate. Unforeseen events lead to Marcano deciding to whack Vito but Lincoln saves him.

Mafia III Inside Look – Cassandra

The Voodoo Queen is the leader of the Haitian Syndicate and was once an enemy of the black mob, who Lincoln considered to be family. Now that they have a common enemy, they are forced to trust one another. Cassandra has a powerful influence, which makes her a worthy ally not to be crossed.

Mafia III Inside Look – Family

Family means everything to Lincoln and as he wages a war against Sal Marcano, getting revenge for his fallen family (the black mob), he forms a new one by making an alliance with Vito, Cassandra and Burke.

Mafia III Inside Look – Lincoln Clay

Our antihero was born an orphan, longing for a family to belong to. Joining the Vietnam War gave him a family and filled a hole in his life but was short lived. When he came home to New Bordeaux he joined the black mob as a favour to a friend and got what he wanted. Once again this was short lived when the Italian Mafia snatched his family away and killed the entire black mob. Now revenge presents him new allies that’s he can call family.

Mafia III Inside Look – Re-imagining New Orleans 1968

New Bordeaux is Hangar 13’s re-imagining of New Orleans in 1968, when the civil rights movement was prominent. The developers haven’t shied away from the racial tension and have accurately portrayed this in Mafia 3.

Mafia III Inside Look – Driving in New Bordeaux

In Mafia 3 Hangar 13 is striving to recreate Hollywood action driving sequences from the 60’s, with reference to Steve McQueen’s style in Bullet. Cars in the game will have a sense of weight, balance and speed in mind, while providing a phenomenal driving experience.

Mafia III Inside Look – Bringing a City to Life

A city is always the heartbeat of any open world game and New Bordeaux is a unique character. Made up of nine districts which each have two criminal rackets. Each one reflects its people and mob influence, with opulence districts gleaming with neon lights and Jazz music and swamps, wharfs and docks representing the underbelly.

Mafia III Inside Look – The Criminal Ecology

The great thing about open world games is you control the pacing and order of the narrative. Criminal rackets play a big part in taking down Sal Marcano and Lincoln can tackle them guns blazing or stealthily. Strategic moves include keeping bosses alive to run your establishments and interrogating foreman on Marcano’s next move or racket locations. Your every move has consequences, which in turn could complicate or ease your takeover.

Mafia III Inside Look – Thomas Burke

Thomas Burke is the head of the Irish Mob and has gotten on the bad side of Sal Marcano, resulting in a crippled leg. His son has died and so has his influence on the city, so he’s looking for revenge like Lincoln. Making him a perfect ally, with similar motives.

Mafia III – Inside Look – Building an Open World

Developer Hangar 13 brings in all the famous landmarks of New Orleans and builds around them to create a fun and exciting playground for Mafia 3. At the same time they have made it a living-breathing world, historically correct to 1968.

Mafia III Inside Look – Post-Launch Content

With development almost finished on Mafia 3, Hangar 13 is moving on to post launch content. The developers are gamers too and they understand the woes of completing a game. There will be free and paid content available after launch, which is a mixture of narrative driven DLC, outfits, weapons and car modifications.

Mafia III – Inside Look – Making Money

Lincoln can make money from taking over rackets and spend it on new weapons, cars, upgrades and favours from his underbosses. In the event that you die in the game you will loose your money, which is why you have a service to stash your money. How will you spend your money on 7th October 2016?

Mafia III – Inside Look – Owning the Battlefield

As an Army veteran Lincoln has an advantage over other mobsters, with his battlefield mentality to swarms of enemies. Giving him the tactical advantage over Sal Marcano and his goons.

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