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NVIDIA scores the Ultrawide Market with Pascal

GTX 1080 in all it's glory
Are you gaming at 21:9?
NVIDIA has released their powerhouse of a Pascal lineup, starting with high-end graphics cards GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. Followed by the much anticipated competitor to the RX 480; GTX 1060. The GTX 1080 is meant to be $599 and the GTX 1070 is supposed to be $379 but due to supply and demand issues, retailers are spiking up the prices and the same goes for GTX 1060 with a MSRP of $249.

NVIDIA have outdone themselves with the GTX 1080, delivering an average of 20 more frames per second at 4K, over the GTX Titan X in games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, GTA V and Hitman at very high settings. What about 3440×1440 you say? Well 1440p ultrawide gaming is slightly less demanding than 2160p, as it’s 400 pixels off 4K in width and 1440p in height. The results are a minimum of 60 frames per second when using a GTX 1080 on ultra or maximum settings.

The GTX 1070 on the other hand will give you an average of 40 to 50 frames per second (depending on the game), when using maximum settings at 3440×1440. While the GTX 1080 is an astonishing performer, the cost to performance of the GPU is not as great as the GTX 1070, which matches and sometimes outperforms the GTX Titan X. Driver optimization from NVIDIA will most definitely distance the GTX 1070 from GTX Titan X over time.

There’s more than one-way to experience 21:9 gaming and that’s at a less intensive resolution; 2560×1080. GTX 1060 is on par with a stock GTX 980 and is more than capable of playing the latest games at this resolution, with a sustainable 60 frames per second on high settings.

Of course the Pascal lineup isn’t the only GPU’s capable of ultrawide gaming. A RX 470, RX 480, R9 390, R9 380 or GTX 970 is also a great choice for 2560×1080. Alternatively a R9 Fury, R9 Fury X, R9 Nano, R9 390X or GTX 980ti is a viable choice too for 3440×1440.

Without a doubt the GTX 1080 and 1070 are knockouts at 3440×1440 and we can’t wait to see what AMD has to offer next. Rumour has it AMD will release a 4K competitor before the end of 2016 and it might be a dual GPU. Only time will tell and we’ll be sure to let you know, right here on Tap My Buttons.

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