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Sniper Elite 3 Review

Rebellion has claimed back the snipers nest with Sniper Elite 3 and improved upon the criticisms of Sniper Elite V2. The signature X-Ray Killcam returns with a variety of vantage points to pull off a shattering nut shot.

Africa is the setting of Sniper Elite 3 with an expansive environment. Every level of the campaign is an open world sandbox, with brilliant level design and multiple objectives that can take hours to complete. Optional objectives usually involve sabotaging a fleet of trucks, collecting Intel or using a snipers nest for example. Whatever it may be it’s always a refreshing addition as it gives you more enemies for target practice.

Unlike Sniper Elite V2 health does not regenerate therefore the player can’t run and gun through levels. Instead you must use a health pack to regain strength whenever depleted, which encourages you to explore the map.

Binoculars are an integral part of the game as they can be used to mark enemies and vehicles. They also highlight explosive objects on the battlefield that can be used to your advantage. It’s also possible to use your sniper rifle to scope the environment but it’s not advised as the glare can give away your position.

Opening the weapon wheel gives you access to a variety of firepower such as your sniper rifle, a pistol, dynamite, trip wire, rocks, flint and other explosives. The only limit to your arsenal is your imagination and location. Luring enemies with trip wire is always fun and so is rigging your snipers nest with land mines. Wherever you are there’s always a weapon to aid your situation and if you don’t like your loadout you can customize it.

In the Loadout menu you can customize your rifle and create different loadout’s to use in the campaign or multiplayer. XP points are the games currency which is gained with every kill and leads to new unlockable weapons and scopes.

In World War 2 sniper rifles didn’t have suppressors so soldiers relied on loud sounds to mask their shots. In every level there’s an activity or generator that can be sabotaged to mask the sound of your rifle. Disregarding stealth will alert enemies of your presence forcing you to relocate.

The relocate mechanic encourages the player to use the full length of the map to your advantage. Once spotted and relocated the enemy tends to forget your a threat once out of their range. It would have been more challenging to see the enemy change their position every time you pose a threat.

Sometimes you’ll find soldiers walking into walls and instantly jumping to another position. This can be frustrating when you’ve pulled the trigger and they’ve zapped elsewhere, alerting everyone around you. However I’m sure this glitch will be addressed in a future update so it won’t affect your experience too much.

Automatic cover doesn’t always work, as you end up emerging out of cover in the wrong direction. Assigning a button to the cover mechanic would have been better and there have been situations where I wished for a blind fire mechanic.

Then again there’s no need for blind fire when your playing with a friend in co-op. The campaign can also be played in co-op mode where one person can spot the enemies and the other take the shot. This makes the experience a lot more fun and speeds up the time taken to complete each level.

Survival mode puts you against waves of enemies at your disposal however you wish. Every level complete in the campaign becomes a map for this mode. Your only focus in Survival is killing the Nazi soldiers one X-Ray Killcam at a time.

Multiplayer will keep you playing for hours on end with modes such as No Cross. In this mode neither team can cross the centre of the map and more XP is given for longer distance shots. Distance king is just as fun and keeps you on your toes as everyone is searching for the best snipers nest.

Team Deathmatch is your standard affair but sometimes it’s better to spot enemies for your team, as opposed to take taking glory shots for yourself. It’s not always possible to hit your target from certain angles so spotting them will alert your whole team to a targets location.

ebellion has claimed back the snipers nest with Sniper Elite 3 and improved upon the criticisms of Sniper Elite V2. The signature X-Ray Killcam returns with a variety of vantage points to pull off a shattering nut shot. Africa is the setting of Sniper Elite 3 with an expansive environment.…

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Sniper Elite 3 is the ultimate game of its genre and the open world level design has taken the gameplay to new depths. Every aspect of the game can be enjoyed by all players and enthusiasts can customize the difficulty settings for authentic ballistics. Reloading and alert sounds come out of the Dualshock 4 controller, enhancing the immersion and atmosphere on the battlefield. While the game isn't perfect there's far too much fun to be had with the X-Ray Killcam and multiple modes.

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