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Batman Arkham Knight PC Benchmark

Batman Arkham Knight pc

PC gamers worldwide are no strangers to the controversy surrounding this titles launch on June 23rd 2015. The most expensive rigs couldn’t run Batman Arkham Knight at 30 frames per second at 1080p resolution. Mid range and low end systems suffered the same fate, whether you were using an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. As of 2016 Batman Arkham Knight …

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Batman Arkham Knight Intro and Predator Gameplay

Think again, Rocksteady Studios makes this very clear within the opening minutes of the game when Commissioner Gordon incinerates the Clown Prince of Crime. He’s not coming back this time; the main focus is on the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow who is running the show. The Predator gameplay demo discusses varying gameplay conditions that will impact predator sequences. Enemies will …

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Can you run Batman Arkham Knight?

This is the million-dollar question on every PC gamers mind right now, as we fast approach the release of Batman Arkham Knight. Rocksteady Studios and WB Games released the system requirements that you can read below. Much like most games requirements they aren’t set in stone and more of a guide.   For example an i7 3770 isn’t necessary to …

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Batman: Arkham Knight gets NVIDIA GameWorks

Arkham Knight Rain

NVIDIA GameWorks is at the height of immersion when paired with games that support it and Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4) is no exception. If you thought the graphics couldn’t look any better then your wrong. The technology behind this allows for enhanced effects such as, interactive smoke, fog and rain. If droplets of rain pouring down Batman’s cape make you tingle, …

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E3: Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay

The trailer begins in the Wayne Tower with Bruce Wayne suiting up and gliding into a sprawling Gotham with amazing detail. Just like Arkham City Gotham in Batman: Arkham Knight is full of detail and tells a story. While gliding Batman has the ability swoop to the ground and call the iconic Batmobile to his location. We also get a …

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Black Mask is in Batman: Arkham Knight?

In these latest screens released for the game we couldn’t help but wonder whether Black Mask is in Batman: Arkham Knight. Sionis Industries is clearly seen in this image above as highlighted and for those who don’t know Black Mask is the owner of the company in the comics. Black Mask was also the main villain of Batman: Arkham Origins …

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Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

Batman soars through the streets of Gotham once again and takes his legendary Batmobile out for a spin to even the odds. The Batmobile is fast, brutal and a beast tearing up the streets of Gotham and striking fear into the hearts of enemies. Scarecrow is one of the central antagonists of the game but Batman has an even greater …

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Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots reveal new Villain

The final chapter of the Arkham series is upon us and will be exclusive to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. In Batman: Arkham Knight the caped crusader can now take out groups of enemies with a takedown and throw batarangs while gliding. With the power of next gen consoles transitions between, cutscenes and indoor/outdoor environments is seamless with no loading …

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