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Master Guerrilla Warfare in Homefront The Revolution

molotov Homefront The Revolution

Guerrilla Warfare 101 looks at the arsenal available to the player in Homefront The Revolution. The enemies weapons might be a far fetch but the Freedom Fighters have their own tools. Modular firearms are the answer, meaning you can turn a pistol into a submachine gun or a shotgun into a flamethrower. Weapon attachments are also possible and all weapons …

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Homefront The Revolution gets a Story Trailer

Homefront The Revolution Protest

The invasion of North Korea sends sparks flying across America, giving birth to the Resistance in Homefront The Revolution. Philadelphia is the place of battle in this gripping story and at the heart, is a man known as the ‘Voice of Freedom; Benjamin Walker. As raw recruit Ethan Brady, you are plunged into a desperate struggle for freedom as the …

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Homefront The Revolution coming to Mac and Linux

Korean Peoples Army Homefront The Revolution

Cheer up Apple and Linux users; soon you will have a new game to add to your collection, native versions have been confirmed to be in development. That’s not all, the opening cinematic to Homefront The Revolution has also been released and can be watched above. Homefront: The Revolution is an open-world first person shooter where you must lead the …

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Reclaim America in Homefront The Revolution

Resistence Sniper Homefront The Revolution

North Korea sneaks into America by posing as an ally with weapons and technology, to fight its wars in the Middle East and like a switch disables their Army. The battle for freedom in Philadelphia has begun and as Ethan Brady, you will help lead the Revolution to victory. In this latest trailer we discover the streets of Philly are …

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