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Watch Dogs 101 Trailer and Preview

In the Watch Dogs 101 trailer, Ubisoft tells us everything you can expect from A to Z. If you needed a reason to play Watch Dogs then look no further:

  • Watch Dogs takes place in a near future Chicago
  • All the electronics in the city is controlled by CTos
  • Protagonist Aiden Pierce has access to a phone which can hack CTos
  • Aiden’s criminal past cost him the life of his family and is out for revenge
  • The people of Chicago react to Aiden’s decisions which can lead to his face plastered on TV
  • Aiden choices his friends very wisely as not many people can be trusted
  • There will be a reoccurring antagonist named Iraq who shares a likeness to rapper DMX
  • Multiplayer is seamlessly integrated into the singleplayer
  • Other players can hack into your game and you can do the same
  • Recruiting a gang you can engage is team deathmatches or capture the flag game modes
  • The CTos companion app for iOS and Android allows you to compete with console players in a race
  • You can hack into 70 different vehicles around Chicago or take them by force
  • Downloading someone’s vehicle registration will allow you to have their car delivered to you
  • Once in a vehicle you can take on contracts to become a getaway driver, transporter, interceptor or act as a decoy
  • Alternatively you can have a race to win cars and cash
  • Relax and play Chess or a game of Poker
  • Play music on the go using your phone
  • Engage in mini games that turns Chicago into a Sci-Fi game or a platformer in a quest to collect coins like Mario
  • You can even share custom made platforming levels with the whole world

Pre-order Watch Dogs today for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC to guarantee a copy of the game on the world wide launch of May 27th 2014. The Wii U version is expected late 2014.

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